QuickPresent App Vs BlurWeb App

Sanskar TiwariJan 2, 20225 min read

So QuickPresent went live to users, Multiple blurweb app users started asking how is quiclpresent different than blurweb app?

BlurWeb App was build to hide sensitive information on webpages in browser, and then we launched blurscreen.app which helps hide things outside browser.

But after doing multiple customer interviews i felt there is more i can do to make screen share more worry free.

I got a list of what i cannot blur but want to hide when doing screen sharing? and that is how QuickPresent App is born.

In short while blurweb app and blurscreen app can blur content to hide them, with quickpreset you can with one click hide desktop icons, minimise active apps, turn off speakers, change wallpaper, disable Notifications.

any questions? send us a mail at sanskar@quickpresent.app

2 min demo quickpresent app

2 min demo blurweb app

2 min demo blurscreen app

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