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Single click worry free screenshare

One click to hide desktop icons, minimise active apps, turn off speakers, change wallpaper, disable Notifications.

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Very nice quick to hide stuff from your desktop when you need to present something. That is the kind of tool that makes your life easier..

Here's how QuickPresent App works

Be more professional, QuickPresent is Built to be lightning fast


Hide Desktop Icons

Have a lot of clutter on your desktop which you do not want to show on screen share?.

Hide Active Apps

Have a lot of apps open? have to minimise them one by one? not any more.

Change wallpaper

Have a family wallaper or spiderman don't worry your wllaper can change in one click.

Turn Off Speaker

Don't want any sound playing from your computer to be heard by others? one click and done.

QuickPresent Can Also turn off Speaker & Notifications.

Sanskar Tiwarifounder at quickpresent.app

What is QuickPresent App you asK?

With QuickPresent in a single click, you can

hide desktop icons - no need to show all the screenshots, folders you got to everyone,

hide active apps - we all got multiple apps open at the time of the meeting just click and be ready to present no need to individually minimize them all,

turn off the speaker - don't let those slack message notifications cause disturbance in your metings,

change wallpaper - we all have different liking car, family, dog, cat but it might not feel professional worry no more.

disable notifications - well don't let notifications affect your attention or reputation


with one click mute your microphone - wife calling? looking for the mute button on the screen to mute and say you are on meeting well it can feel like time slowed down and in hurry, it might take more time worry no more just one button click shortcut key of your choice and done

Buy it once and love it forever

Have a peace of mind when screen sharing with quickpresent.app



One-Time Purchase

  • Life time updates
  • 1 Active Device You can have app on 1 Device.
  • Email Support
  • Available for Mac
  • Available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • 7 day No questions asked refund policy


One-Time Purchase
  • Life time updates
  • 10 Active Device You can have app on 10 Device.
  • Email Support
  • Available for Mac
  • Available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • 7 day No questions asked refund policy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is QuickPresent App Right for me?

If you are doing screen share on a regular basis quickpresent is a must have.

Does it work with zoom, loom and more?

It works whatever app you are using to screen share.

What if it is not right for me?

No problem! We have 7 day refund polic, Just email us at sanskar@quickpresent.app and we'll refund you, no question asked

How does active devices work?

Each license is limited simultaneous activations on device or multiple - which can be easily deactivated and activated again by yourself on quickpresent.app/my-account anytime.

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